Continuous Testing for CTOs:
How Zenefits deploys up to 3x a day

[Webinar] On-Demand: 45 minutes

QA testing is often a bottleneck to true continuous deployment, and traditional processes are ill-suited for CI/CD environments. As your company grows, the cost of scaling traditional QA practices to meet the needs of a larger audience with more complex products can overextend bandwidth. With continuous testing, you can keep your growing organization's QA costs down and empower your team to test more effectively.

Join Laks Srini, CTO of Zenefits, and Russell Smith, CTO of Rainforest QA, to learn:

  • How Zenefits uses continuous testing to speed up their QA cycle to match their CD environment
  • How continuous testing minimizes the cost of scaling your QA team
  • How to plug continuous testing into your existing Agile or CD workflow for minimal disruption
  • How to speed up manual QA activities to ensure fast but comprehensive testing

Meet the Speakers

laks-srini-zenefits.png Laks Srini
CTO, Co-Founder
russell-smith-rainforestqa.png Russell Smith
CTO, Co-Founder
Rainforest QA