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DEC. 14, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET

Implementing a more strategic approach to testing can have a huge impact on product quality, but measuring exactly how your QA strategy has made a difference can be challenging. The long-term success of any QA strategy depends on measuring change and communicating that change to the team at large, so it’s important to measure the right metrics. 

In this webinar, discover...
1. Five essential metrics that QA teams should track 
2. How to avoid common pitfalls when it comes to measuring the success of a QA strategy
3. Techniques to level-up product quality by taking a data-driven approach to software testing

Jeremy Bivaud
Director of Professional Services, Rainforest QA

Past Webinars

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THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF BETTER QA: How to take a modular approach to testing
Sept. 28, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET

Growing teams often hit a ceiling when scaling QA. Writing and maintaining the number of tests required to comprehensively test a complex product can easily become a major time and resource sink. By taking a modular approach to testing, QA and development teams can more effectively integrate testing into their development cycles and reduce management overhead significantly.

In this webinar, discover how to... 

  1. Adopt a modular approach to test case management
  2. Build test coverage that provides the greatest ROI
  3. Improve QA efficiency over time

Derek Choy
VP of Engineering, Rainforest QA


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Managing Tests, Results and source code
OCT. 12, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET

Writing software is hard, with projects easily reaching hundreds of thousands of lines of text. Source control allows developers to manage these giant corpuses, tracking who made what changes and when. In this webinar we’ll talk about how you can use the same source control systems to manage tests and their results, so you always have a record of what happened and when.

In this webinar, learn about:

1. The basics of source code management (SCM) tools
2. How to use SCM to manage your test suite
3. The advantages of storing tests alongside your source code

Jonathan Barber
Systems Administrator and Developer, Rainforest QA

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How to Move your shift left strategy beyond unit tests
OCT. 26, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET

Many teams are now “shifting left,” and starting their QA process earlier in the development cycle. But in most cases shift left testing was confined to unit testing alone. While unit testing is a core component of a continuous testing strategy, teams that want to optimize for speed and quality should shift functional testing left, too. 

In this webinar, discover how to..

  1. Adopt a shift left strategy for functional testing
  2. Optimize your testing strategy to get comprehensive results more frequently
  3. Develop and ship features faster with minimal risk of bugs in production

Nicolas Valcárcel
Security Architect, Rainforest QA


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Integrating Quality into Software development
Nov. 16, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET 

Agile teams are beginning to test earlier than ever before in order to improve quality, shorten test cycles and reduce the possibility of releasing bugs. To successfully move fast without breaking things, teams must integrate quality assurance into their CI/CD processes. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

1. The fundamentals of automatable QA strategies
2. How to successfully integrate quality into your CI process
3. How to shorten the feedback loop between catching and fixing bugs

Edward Paulet
Software Developer, Rainforest QA


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how much do i need to test? Creating a custom QA Strategy
NOV. 30, 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET

It’s easy to get into the mindset of testing-all-the-things. But aiming for quantity over quality will still leave you with coverage gaps, while also dragging down the speed of your QA cycle. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to determine how much you should be testing, and how to design your QA strategy to fit the needs of your team.

In this webinar, learn how to...

  1. Balance the number of tests against your assurance
  2. Build test suites strategically to maximize impact
  3. Cover your bases without compromising time & resources
Russell Smith - CTO & Co-founder, Rainforest QA
Maddie Blumenthal - Dir. of Customer Succes, Rainforest QA

QA is a service to the development organization and should always be as lightweight as is practical.
Russell Smith, CTO and Co-founder, Rainforest QA